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A. Currently, we aren’t allowing our merchants to change the delivery time. Merchants should stive to prepare the orders within a time period of 15-20 minutes. This will ensure prompt delivery to our customers.

A. If a driver/rider doesn’t pick up an order, you can chat with us on the provider App or give a call to our support team at +603 7859 6061 and we’ll look into it.

A. No. Only customers within a 10 kilometers radius of your store can place an order. This radius vary based to customers demand.

A. The suggested range for minimum ordervalue is RM10-RM20. The maximum order value can be set depending on your capacity to prepare food within your estimated delivery time.

A. OOhsem technical team will contact you within 2 weeks after your contract have been signed and approve by the OOhsem management, to active your merchant account.

A. Proceed to deliver based on the address provided. Do try to reach the customer via Whatsaap/Viber/SMS in case any details that are needed to be confirmed.

A. The customer’s delivery address is located on the printed receipt.

A. The customer contact details is located on the order details page in the Merchant App.

A. You can be a OOhsem Rider/Driver if you met the following requirements:
•    Malaysian Citizen 21-69 years old. (Blue IC)
•    Full Malaysian Driving License. (P License is not accepted)
•    Must use own personal Bank Account created under NRIC.
•    Able to communicate in English and Bahasa Malaysia or either one.
•    Check car is not on the rejected OOhsemCar list.
•    Cleared medical check-up. (50-69 years old based on year of birth)
•    Has no existing medical condition that may render him/her unfit to drive.
•    Clean background check.
•    No criminal record.
•    Not more than 3 traffic summonses in recent one year. (Including speeding, hit and run, dangerous driving and etc)

A. You will receive an email from OOhsem to guide you on the below 2 steps:
•    Complete Rider/Driver Registration Form Online at www.oohsem.com/Drsignup
•    For Document Verification kindly refer to our operation hours at www.oohsem.com/contactus (Original IC, Driving License, Insurance Cover Note, Car Grant, and Medical Form- if required)

A. Check your email or SMS that you have registered during sign up to find out if there are any updates. If you receive an update, please follow the instructions given.

A. You will receive a SMS notification once you Rider/Driver account is activated.

A. Only a personal bank account created under driver NRIC will be accepted in OOhsem.

A. As a OOhsem Rider/Driver, you will receive weekly email regarding our incentives.

A. Our flexible payment options allow for both cash and credit card jobs. For credit card jobs, you will receive payment immediately into your you OOhsem Rider/Driver APP Wallet after the job is completed.

Earning will be automatically debited to your account every Wednesday.

A. The answer is Yes, OOhsem takes a maximum of 20%.

A. Absolutely not! There is no minimum driving period and no minimum number of trips required. Drive where you want, when you want. Some of our drivers make more then RM500 just on the weekends.

A. We are excited that you’re taking your first steps to be part of our OOhsem partner. Just visit out website www.oohsem.com/dr/signup

A. No, Road Tax is determined by the size of the car and not how it is being used.

A. We would like to assure you that you are free to use any ride-hailing platform and will not be penalized for not using the OOhsem ride-hailing platform exclusively.

A. We would like to assure you that you are free to use any ride hailing platform and will be penalized for not using OOhsem ride-hailing platform exclusively.

A. No, You must place the food in a delivery storage container. If we receive any reports of you not doing so, we will have to suspend your OOhsemRide and OOhsemFood accounts.

A. We advise you not cancel the booking as this will rulst in unpleasant customer experience. You can write in through here to let us know about this restaurant and we will blacklist the restaurant accordingly.

In addition, if you insured a parking ticket, please let us know and we will reimburse you.

A. On certain occasions, restaurants might not be able to drop off the order at your car as the restaurant might be busy with the orders. In these cases, we seek your help to find a parking spot and pick up the order. However, if we receive repeated complaints about specific restaurants, we will investigate into the matter.

A. Please call Customer Support to cancel your order and report it to us here so we can make it unavailable to order on the customer’s app. Choose ‘Outlet’ >’Issue regarding Outlet’> ‘Merchant closed’.

A. If you have received a warning notification, we kindly suggest that you do not repeat attempts to gain an unfair advantage in earning incentives.

Just drive honestly and provide the best experience to your passengers. Few tips:

• Ensure credit balance is high enough before going online especially in peak hours. We recommend a minimum of RM30 balance for evening peak.
• Toggle offline if you are not ready to accept jobs or if your credit balance has fallen below RM10.
• Avoid choosing or picking jobs. (We find that driver-partners who accept all jobs tend to earn more than those who are picky)

A. We notice that you are among a small group of drivers who frequently exhibit suspicious driving patterns during peak hours. Such behaviour include (but are not limited to):
•    Consistently canceling high fare jobs.
•    Frequently requesting passengers to cancel.
•    Refusing to pick up passengers after accepting jobs.
•    Keeping credit balance below RM10 while remaining online.
You will only get a in App Warning if you have demonstrated any of the behavior above repeatedly. (more than most other drivers)

A. Please write into us here if you believe you have been unfairly penalized. We will respond on a case-by-case basis.


• Your driver-partner’s CR is much higher than other driver-partners.
• You use cancellation to select jobs during peak hours.
• We frequently receive passenger feedback that you have requested them to cancel without valid reason.
• This (point number 3) has happened for a few weeks in a row.

Note: The driver-partner CR reflected in your app may be 0% but you may still receive a warning notiication if you have repeatedly requested your passengers to cancel your rides.

A. Driver-partner’s Cancellation Rate (CR) = number of jobs you cancelled divide the jobs accepted. You can monitor your CR on the driver app.

A. Passenger cancellations will affect you ONLY if you have repeatedly requested them to cancel on your behalf. We monitor your passenger cancellation across multiple weeks to avoid taking unfair actions against driver-partners who have been cancelled on many times.

A. We understand that there are certain situations that require you to cancel a booking. Valid reasons that will not affect your CR when you reach the pick-up point include:
•    Passenger doesn’t show and/or you’ve waited for too long.
•    Passenger has chosen an unsuitable/ illegal pick-up point. (e.g. roadside, bus stop, etc.)
•    You are unable to accommodate a passenger’s request. (e.g., fitting 5 people into a car)

*Please wait a maximum of 5 minutes for all OOhsem services except for OOhsemCar and Multi-Stop Rides, which have a maximum waiting period of 3 minutes.

A. If you’ve received the first warning SMS, do not worry, you can still improve your CR. There are three stages before a driver-partner is banned:
1. Soft warn
2. Warn
3. Suspend & Re-education
4. Banned
Tips to reduce your CR: Refrain from cancelling your rides without a valid reason, and refrain from asking your passengers to cancel their rides.
To provide a good experience, we encourage you to use OOhsemChat to inform a passenger of your reason for cancelling before doing so. If you have any complaints about your rides or passengers, please leave us a feedback here.

A. Yes, To use the Passenger No-Show Cancellation Feature, please tap ‘I’ve Arrived’ first once you arrive at the pick-up point. The feature will not be available if you try to cancel before you arrive at the pick-up point.

A. It’s a feature that empowers you as the driver to cancel a ride if the passenger does not show-up after you have waited for 5 minutes (3 minutes for OOhsemCar). Using this feature will ensure your Cancellation Rate will not be affected when a situation as such happens.

A. You will receive a notification that your current location does not match the pick-up point. It is okay if you have tapped ‘I’ve Arrived’ before reaching the pick-up point, just make sure you only press ‘Yes’ in the notification message once you’re at the pick-up point if you wish to use the feature.

A. As per our current practice, please wait at least 5 minutes (or 3 minutes on OOhsemCar) at the pick up location for your passenger, before using the Passenger No-Show Cancellation Feature.

A. If the passenger does not show up after 5 minutes (or 3 minutes for OOhsemCar), you need to cancel the job while still at the pick-up point. The feature will not be available if you try to cancel after driving off.

A. At present, the feature only works with the stated criteria. Rest assured, we are working on improvements to cater for other cancellation cases. Stay tuned!

A. Yes, Please ensure that you’re on OOhsem Driver App version 5.34.0 (Android) / 1.21.0 (iOS) and above.
Kindly be reminded that all members of the OOhsem community are required to follow the Code of Conduct and Terms of Services.